Strategic Alternatives and Exit Strategy Development

Having a successful business is not enough to maximize value in the event of a sale. Inflection 360 positions clients to attract potential acquirers and achieve the best outcomes.

A sales process takes planning and preparation. We are adept at defining essential milestones to get to a sale and presenting the true value proposition to acquirers – both what exists today and opportunities ahead. This vision entices acquirers, drives value, and ultimately delivers the maximum purchase price.

Evaluating Alternatives, Including Selling of Business

Every owner should understand the various paths a business can pursue, including an exit via sale. Inflection 360 will work with management to assess the feasibility and value of each path. Should a sale of the business emerge as the preferred option, our team has unparalleled experience in preparing the business and management for an exit and generating the most value.

Developing an Exit Plan and Preparing for a Successful Sale

Exit plan development takes several factors into consideration, including a timeline to exit, deficiencies in the current business that must be addressed prior to marketing the business, financial record clean-up and presentation, properly presenting the current business as well as helping prospective buyers clearly see the future opportunities. Further, identifying the most suitable acquirers is critical. All of these factors can deliver substantial additional value and make for a much more effective sales process.

Financial Analysis, Valuation, and Negotiation

To properly assess the value of any transaction, it is important to use sound financial fundamentals in conjunction with business expertise. Inflection 360 works closely with our clients to make sure the business is competitively valued with supporting materials to justify the valuation to prospective buyers. Our team can also negotiate directly with the prospective buyers on our clients’ behalf.

Guidance through the Sales Process

Inflection 360 can manage the sales process, working with advisors and attorneys of both prospective buyers and our client to keep transactions on target for an efficient closing. The most difficult part of a sales process is for the management team to continue focusing on their business so as to not decrease value. Our team will work closely with management to keep both the business and sales process moving forward. Our team is prepared to quickly assess and resolve any inevitable challenges that arise in the sales process.

Due Diligence

Due diligence processes, particularly when working with a sophisticated purchaser, can be tedious and distracting. With decades of due diligence expertise, we can manage this process to streamline information flow and mitigate the time required by management to deal with the process.

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