The Inflection 360 Difference

Inflection 360 understands that collaboration is the best way to achieve success for our clients. As owners and management understand their business better than anyone, we work closely with our clients to build upon their knowledge and provide value with a deliberate and thoughtful approach. Our team utilizes its comprehensive expertise to drive successful outcomes for clients at critical junctures of their business life cycle.

Business solutions are not one-size fits all, rather solutions must be custom tailored to address business-specific challenges. Inflection 360 gains a true understanding of management team strengths to ensure an actionable solution is provided. Further, with substantial operations experience, our team acts as a hands-on partner to drive processes to a successful outcome.

Inflection 360 provides strategic direction to clients to increase operational efficiency, enhance profit, and maximize value. Our team provides several services to best address client needs, including: business plan development, market assessment, targeting and acquiring other businesses, restructuring and exit strategy development.

Inflection 360 leadership has worked across multiple industries and has enabled companies of all sizes, from early stage to growth to established corporations, to achieve their stated goals and exceed performance expectations. Led by a former investment banker and corporate executive, Inflection 360 has the expertise to help any business succeed in the short-term and position it for long-term success.

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Healthcare Experts

While Inflection 360 has expertise across many industries of all sizes, we have developed a particular strength in healthcare. Our team has significant experience working with clients across an array of healthcare specialties, including dental and medical practices, surgery centers and home health businesses. While healthcare offers substantial opportunities, it also requires navigating challenging and changing regulatory considerations. Our hands-on healthcare experience and industry-leading knowledge sets up apart.


Acquiring a business takes a diverse set of skills and knowledge. Inflection 360 has the expertise to successfully lead clients through the acquisition process.

Strategic Alternatives and Exit

A successful exit strategy (typically a sale), takes planning and preparation. Inflection 360 will help you maximize value and achieve the best outcome.

Business Plans

Do you have the right plan to grow your business? Inflection 360 collaborates with businesses to develop, refine and adjust plans for successful growth.

Market Assessment

Businesses must understand the competitive landscape and the landmines and opportunities that lie ahead. Inflection 360 can help.

Business Transformation

Businesses need to adapt to succeed. Whether your business is underperforming or successful, Inflection 360 can boost operational performance.

What’s In A Name?

Inflection 360 provides comprehensive insight and services to clients at the most critical points of their business life cycle. With strengths in multiple functional areas, Inflection 360 uses a hands-on approach to drive results and ensure success.

Inflection Point

An inflection point is a critical period in the life of a business.  At this juncture, the ability to understand key alternatives, and act upon them, is essential.  Some businesses may experience multiple differentiated inflection points, so having the right advisors is crucial.

Key inflection points may include:  exploring a sale of the business, funding growth via debt or equity, enhancing the management team or restructuring to stabilize operations.

360 Degree Review

To provide the right advice, you must understand a business from multiple vantage points, both with an internal and external eye, to properly assess core business strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Critical elements of a 360 degree review will include:  strategic alternatives, operational and financial assessments, acquisition or exit strategies and a review of the competitive landscape.

The Inflection 360 Team

Michael Roub

Michael Roub

Managing Partner


Over the past two decades, Michael Roub has developed a reputation for providing critical insight and results for the clients and organizations he represents. Michael is committed to finding the right solution for each business and utilizes his diverse experience and a hands-on approach to deliver optimal results.

Michael began his career as an investment banker but moved to the private sector to lead start-up and growth companies through capital raising, operational growth and ultimately successful exits via sale to competitors. He has also helped two industry leading healthcare organizations grow each of their footprints by nearly twenty percent via acquisitions across the U.S. Michael received his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

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Functional Expertise

Inflection 360 team members have worked in a variety of capacities in organizations to be able to address a broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities for our clients. Key functional expertise, includes executive roles in operations, corporate strategy, finance, acquisitions and business development, and corporate restructuring.

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