Business Plan Development

Inflection 360 has helped clients across a wide range of industries define and develop the business plan necessary to focus management teams, engage prospective investors and facilitate growth. However, even the best plans require reassessment, and our team works with clients to augment and adjust plans to remain on a successful path. Inflection 360 has the financial expertise to develop comprehensive projections and the operational expertise to monitor performance and ensure that necessary milestones are achieved.

Business Review

Our team will take the time necessary to truly understand your business.  With this knowledge, we can then add additional insight and input based upon our extensive experience to offer additional, unbiased insight.  With management’s perspective, Inflection 360 can then determine what is needed to properly tell the story of the business to provide direction and engage others.

Content Development

The development of content can be tedious, as information must be pulled together from internal and external sources and then thoughtfully laid out into a presentation or report.  To provide the most value, financial projections and performance metrics will need to be presented in a detailed, yet simply understood manner.  Our team has prepared hundreds of business plans, but we also understand the importance of having a distinctive, unique presentation for each client.


Once the appropriate content is developed, our team will prepare and refine a business plan focused on the specific client needs.  Depending upon the audience, the manner of presentation can vary significantly.  Our team can also develop multiple versions of the plan to properly address different intended audiences properly.

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