With decades of mergers and acquisitions expertise, Inflection 360 knows how to identify, engage, and acquire businesses.

Inflection 360 was initially built with a focus on helping clients successfully identify and acquire the right targets for their business. With decades of mergers and acquisitions expertise, Inflection 360 knows how to identify, engage, and acquire businesses. Inflection 360 also has extensive due diligence expertise and the operational know-how to help clients successfully integrate acquired businesses.

Understanding how to properly value a business, structure a transaction, and navigate competitive acquisition processes are all core to Inflection 360’s value proposition.

Strategic Planning for Acquisitions

As acquisitions can become a distraction to existing operations, so planning is essential. We work with clients to develop an appropriate plan and timeline for acquisition opportunities that will create value. This includes understanding the true financial means and operational strategies of the business to avoid adding undue constraint with the addition of any newly acquired business.

Financial Analysis, Valuation, and Negotiation

To properly assess the value of any transaction, it is important to use sound financial fundamentals in conjunction with business expertise. Inflection 360 works closely with our clients to make sure we properly look at an asset or business, not just from a financial standpoint, but also from an operational fit with the business. With the right assessment of value, clients will be able to know their max price (or walk away price), to avoid overpayment. Our team can also negotiate directly with the target to get a seller to say “yes”.

Target Identification and Pipeline Building

Inflection 360’s leadership has developed target pipelines for numerous businesses.  After a comprehensive initial review of the target acquisition landscape, we can assist clients with fielding inquiries to move a deal forward.

Due Diligence

The devil is in the details, and we are experts at financial and operational due diligence.  While no buyer can understand 100% of any acquisition target prior to a successful closing, we know the right questions, get the right information and work through the due diligence of these materials to give our clients the information they need to proceed with an acquisition.


Once a business is acquired, integration is critical and unique to each transaction.  Continuing to run both the existing business while learning and operating the acquired business can be a challenge for any client.  Our team can assist in developing an integration plan and to the extent needed, play an active role in the integration of the businesses.

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