Our team provides several services to best address client needs, including business plan development, market assessment, targeting and acquiring other businesses, restructuring and exit strategy development.


Acquiring a business takes a diverse set of skills and knowledge. Inflection 360 has the expertise to successfully lead clients through the acquisition process.

Strategic Alternatives and Exit

A successful exit strategy (typically a sale), takes planning and preparation. Inflection 360 will help you maximize value and achieve the best outcome.

Business Plans

Do you have the right plan to grow your business? Inflection 360 collaborates with businesses to develop, refine and adjust plans for successful growth.

Market Assessment

Businesses must understand the competitive landscape and the landmines and opportunities that lie ahead. Inflection 360 can help.

Business Transformation

Businesses need to adapt to succeed. Whether your business is underperforming or successful, Inflection 360 can boost operational performance.

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