Business Transformation & Corporate Restructuring

Inflection 360 has the expertise to assess on-going business challenges and work with management to develop a plan to efficiently improve performance.

While businesses that are underperforming clearly require support, even stable businesses benefit from changes to operational functions and a review of business spending.  Many clients will see immediate positive impact to the bottom line while increasing operational efficiency.  Our knowledgeable team will provide a fresh, outside perspective to boost performance.

Revenue Analysis

Inflection 360 will perform a review of both existing as well as potential additional revenue streams. Our team will analyze industry trends, competitive dynamics and external pricing pressures which can impact revenue. In addition, different market segments than those currently served will be evaluated for revenue growth potential. Inflection 360 will work with management to properly address opportunities and shift focus towards those revenue streams which will provide the best use of time and resources.

Cost and Staffing Analyses

Many businesses, over time, end up underperforming or absorbing unnecessary expense. Often staffing requires refinement to match the current business performance. In some cases, staff are underutilized and/or overpaid. In other scenarios, some existing functions should be outsourced. Additionally, general business expenditures, whether external vendor costs or supply costs, may not be competitive and should be addressed. These various opportunities may generate significant profit enhancement.

Performance Improvement

Some businesses processes, even simple tasks, should be reviewed and assessed. Often staff can offer some meaningful recommendations as to what would enable them to be more productive. Our team is able to take knowledge from staff along with our own assessments, to create actionable plans to improve efficiencies. This will, in turn, generate additional business profits.

Compliance Considerations

No matter how much success a business experiences, it is imperative that time and resources be appropriately devoted to ensure that the business is operating in compliance with applicable regulations. Regulations can change in certain industries such as healthcare on a regular basis. Our team is adept at detecting and addressing areas where a business is out of compliance and prepare plans of correction.

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