Firefly Recovery is changing the athletic recovery space with an innovative device that allows athletes to train harder and recover faster.  Just a few years ago, the word “recovery” had little recognizable association with athletics.  Fast forward to present and everywhere you look from professional teams, to major college programs, recovery has taken hold as a key part of training to maximize performance.  But recovery isn’t just for major teams, elite and amateur athletes alike have found increasing benefits in recovery.  The recovery space landscape continues to evolve with devices focused on everything from sleep monitoring to percussive massage devices to increasing blood flow.

Used by Elite and Amateur Runners

The fireflyTM recovery device is making significant inroads recently into the track and field and running communities.  Firefly is a small strap placed below the user’s knee that stimulates a nerve to promote blood flow throughout the body.  Recent partnerships with The Atlanta Track Club and The American Distance Project highlight how the running community is finding benefit in the product.

firefly – Recovery Redefined

The top US Men’s Distance Runner and 2x Olympic Medalist, Galen Rupp, has been a huge supporter of the product.  “I am always on the cutting edge, looking for new ways that I can better my body and the biggest advantages of firefly are that it moves blood, is great for travel, is awesome for recovery and is really easy to use.”  On the company’s website you can learn more about Rupp’s belief in the product and its benefits.

Technology Backed by Science

In a time where athletes of all shapes and sizes are training independently or at home, having an affordable and portable recovery device, makes perfect sense to get back to training faster to maximize performance.  With new products always coming to market, what makes firefly particularly cool is that the device has the science to back up their claims with clinical studies on their site.  It also doesn’t hurt that athletes like runners:  Galen Rupp, Jordan Hasay and Clayton Murphy, NBA stars Blake Griffin and Victor Oladipo are big believers in the product

The product can be confused with a muscle stimulator, but those devices will actually fatigue muscles when used, whereas a firefly stimulates a nerve to increase blood flow.  So, muscles get to recover while the product is in use.  That also makes it great in flight to help keep legs feeling fresh when arriving at your travel destination – no need for compression stockings which have limited benefit for many travelers.

The New Firefly T-2

The new T-2 firefly recovery device

The new T-2 firefly recovery device

Firefly recently launched their second generation product to provide an even better recovery experience for its users.  The new product provides the same benefits as the original device, but with more intuitive functionality, easier application and consistent power and battery life.  So as the world is becoming increasingly familiar with devices to improve performance, firefly looks to Redefine Recovery.

Used by Professional and Collegiate Teams

Recent articles in ESPN, The Athletic and the Daily Trojan regarding firefly and teams like the NFL Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and USC Football, recovery and firefly have also made a big impact on professional and collegiate programs after training and during travel.  From their Instagram feed @fireflyrecovery, in addition to its performance with professional sports and major college sports like basketball and football, it looks like the product is quickly gaining traction in additional collegiate sports like track and field, soccer, wrestling and more.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a competitive youth athlete, or a weekend warrior (or daily peloton user) like me, consider a recovery device that will let you train harder and keep improving your performance.  Firefly can be thrown into a travel bag, a backpack and be used virtually anywhere, anytime.


Michael Roub
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